How we work

Rock–paper–scissors? We don’t leave anything to chance.

We model our process on collaboration, simplicity and transparency - we ask, think and create, together.

With over a decade championing this approach, we've seen results exceed expectations time and time again. For the ambitious companies and people we work with, their customers, and for us too!

Everything we do is to help our clients stand out with stand out work, and together make our world a better place.

So, how do we do it?

Our process...

... it's all about the journey.

We break down each step while considering the project as a whole. Our approach allows our projects to flow freely, tick-off all the important nitty-gritty details, and remain an enjoyable experience.

We promise!

Illustration of asking questions

We ask

To learn and understand

It starts with the right questions.

Our projects all begin with a kickstart workshop, where we'll ask umpteen questions to get to know you, your business and your customers inside-out. There may be a few Post-it Notes!

This leg of our journey uncovers your needs and expectations, your audience and ideal customers/users, your preferred technologies, channels and platforms we'll use, your timeframes that we need to work to, and more. Then we can move forward and work closely together.

Illustration of thinking

We think

To challenge and explore

Carrying what we've learnt to the next step.

We research, problem-solve and challenge ideas with thought-provoking curiosity to identify opportunities for success and then design a strategic blueprint specific to your project.

With this blueprint, we explore, conceptualise and prototype with a purpose, and start to give shape to your brand, campaign or digital experience.

Why prototype? The power of prototyping allows us to share something that feels real and living, so you can experience and understand your project in a better context.

Illustration of creating

We create

To change the world

Using code, pixels and print.

We take our ideas and make them the solutions that form your new brand, campaign or digital experience. And it doesn't stop there.

We continue to evaluate everything that we've done, with real customers and end-users, to learn what works, what doesn't, and where we can improve—forever chasing perfection.

A recipe for success

Every project is different. Following our process, we can adapt and learn precisely what will make your project a success and what your expectations are. And we'll aim to exceed those expectations every time!

We bring together everyone needed for your project early enough to make the most significant impact, including you, our team at zen. and any of our collaborative partners too!

Then we work together and challenge each other to think bigger and smarter, to start shaping the big idea that will meet your project goals.

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